Let’s Encrypt
Free of charge

We believe that every website should work through SSL, so we’ve made installing certificates as simple and fast as possible. Protect your domains in just a few clicks.

Two types of Let’s Encrypt. certificate are available for automatic installation from the control panel.

The Standard certificate will protect not only the domain itself, but also up to 39 subdomains

The Wildcard certificate will suit websites with a large or dynamic number of subdomains

SSL installation


Websites protected
with Let’s Encrypt certificates


All certificates are encrypted with a 256-bit symmetric key. It would take a supercomputer thousands of years to crack SSL encryption.

for Cyrillic domains

Let’s Encrypt certificates can be installed on domains in the .РФ zone or Cyrillic domains in any other zone.

What does
an SSL certificate provide?

Data security

Security for users’ data

SSL certificates encrypt data transfer between the browser and the server, ensuring the security of your users’ personal data.

Website promotion

Helps promote websites

Major search engines deliberately lower the positions of unprotected websites in search results to protect users from fraud.

users’ trust

All modern browsers mark websites without a certificate as insecure. This lowers the reputation of your website in users’ eyes.