Partner programme

The partner programme is available via the control panel to all clients on paid plans. Earn up to 40% of each payment from your referrals.
One panel for all tasks

One panel
for all tasks

You don’t need to register separately as a webmaster. Everything you need to work with the partner programme is available in the control panel.
Convenient fund withdrawal

Convenient fund withdrawal

After signing a contract with us, you will have access to convenient fund withdrawal methods: cashless payment and YooMoney.
Open for cooperation

for cooperation

Our managers are here to help with any questions you may have.
We are always open to suggestions, contact us at
To receive your monetary reward, you need to sign a contract with us:
Print out two copies of the contract, fill them out, sign them, and send both copies to our correspondence address:
Beget LLC, PO Box 209, St. Petersburg 195027, Russia
Russian citizens must send copies of the following documents together with the contract for individuals:
Passport (including registration page); Tax identification number certificate; Individual pension insurance account certificate.
When signing a contract as a sole trader without a stamp, you must send a copy of:
your certificate of registration as a sole trader.
To withdraw funds to your YooMoney wallet, a signed contract is also required (withdrawal of funds to YooMoney wallets is currently available only for Russian citizens registered as individuals).
If you are not a Russian citizen, contact us at and we will look into the possibility of access to the partner programme for you.