Creating and managing subdomains in the web-hosting Control Panel

In the section Subdomains you can create a new subdomain. For instance is the subdomain of

The subdomain will indicate the server IP-address where the account is located. You can redirect the domain to a different IP-address in the section DNS.

Creating a subdomain

When creating a new domain you can:

  • Create a new site for the subdomain. In this case site means a directory on the drive. E.g: If we create the subdomain and choose to Create a new site, a new directory with the name ~/ will be created on the drive. In it the directory public_html will be created, where files for the site must be uploaded.

  • Link subdomain to an existing directory. In this case you will need to choose the site (directory) that the domain shall be linked to from a list of already existing site (directory).

  • Not link the subdomain. In this case the subdomain will be created, but won't be linked to any site (directory).

For your convenience, you can see below a table of all subdomains on your account. Next to each subdomain you will find the button . Clicking on it you will delete the subdomain from the system.