Multi accounts

In the section "Multi account administration system" you can administer subsidiary accounts (connect a new one or delete an existing one), monitor the state of your balances and edit tariffs of subsidiary accounts.

Connect account

The section only becomes available after connecting a subsidiary web hosting account. To do this you need to press the icon next to your login and enter the registration data of the new web hosting account in the opening dialog window. You can also set a "Pseudonym", which is a textual description of the new account, helping you to orient yourself in your accounts. This could for instance be: "Website for children" or "Hand in this project before the end of the year!".

Deactivate account

Let's assume you finished your project and want to hand it over to your customer. Just ask the customer to change the password and not communicate it to you. The account will be displayed with an exclamation mark next to the login in your account menu and you won't be able to log in to this account anymore. You can delete it from your subsidiary accounts by clicking on the cross next to the account or leave it to save the history if you like.