Server rental

Meet the dedicated server rental based on Supermicro solutions and the last generation of Intel processors, which will ensure a high efficiency and stable work of practically any large project.

All dedicated servers are put together for each client and we are ready to build a server system of any capacity for you and for your projects to function quickly and successfully. We can suggest unusual solutions.


    With our administration you get:
  • A control panel
  • 24x7 technical support
  • A DNS system
  • A mail system with web interface
  • Timely server software updates
  • Required software installation
  • Around-the-clock server monitoring

Dedicated server configuration

Blade E3

Server description

The perfect choice for those who need more than the virtual web hosting.
A processor with the frequency of up to 3900 Mhz and SSD drives will guarantee extreme perfomance for your websites.


  • CPU — 4 cores
  • RAM — 32Gb
  • SSD — 2 * 240Gb
  • LAN — 40Mb/sec

150 per month

Server system
Supermicro SYS-5038ML-H12TRF
Supermicro SYS-5038ML-H12TRF
Learn more on the Supermicro website
CPU Intel Xeon E3-1270 V3
CPU Intel Xeon E3-1270 V3 ↑
4 cores (8 threads) with a frequency of up to 3900 MHz.
Learn more on the Intel website
Hard drives
SSD MLC/S3500 Intel
2 * SSD SATA2.5" 240GB MLC/S3500 Intel

Primary storage
DDR3 8GB Kingston
4 * DDR3 8GB Kingston
32Gb primary storage.
RAID controller
Software RAID
RAID is implemented in software

Guaranteed bandwidth of 40 Mb/sec
Guaranteed bandwidth of 40 Mb/sec, without restrictions.
Network of /29 class IP addresses (6 IP addresses).
Server administration
The price includes our management.
Unmanaged servers will be provided with IPMI access.
There is no set-up fee and no further additional fees.
150 per month

Additional adjustments and services

Add 1 CPU Intel E5-2697 V3 to the Turbo configuration 330 $/month
Add 1 CPU Intel E5-2697 V3 and 128 Gb RAM to the Turbo configuration 430 $/month
Replace SSD 240GB by SSD 480GB 22 $/month
Replace SSD 240GB by SSD 800GB 45 $/month
Replace SSD 240GB by HDD 1TB SATA free of charge
Subnetwork /30 IP addresses (2 pcs.) 25 $/year
Subnetwork /29 IP addresses (6 pcs.) 70 $/year
Enlarge bandwidth by 10Mb/sec. 12 $/month
Dedicated bandwidth with 100Mb/sec 110 $/month
Dedicated bandwidth with 1Gb/sec 950 $/month
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