BitrixVM (1C-Bitrix: Virtual Machine) is a virtual machine based on Linux CentOS 7, created by 1C specifically to work with Bitrix CMS and CRM software products.

When you create a server you do not need to specify anything, you will get a ready-to-use virtual machine.

Beget VPS with a pre-installed BitrixVM is a ready-to-use server, configured for fast and convenient installation of 1C-Bitrix. The environment is already set up to optimize the speed of Bitrix based sites.

You can specify a name for your web server. After creating a server with BitrixVM (virtual machine), you can start deploying the necessary edition of 1C-Bitrix.

If you do not have a 1C-Bitrix license, you can buy it on our site

Select the rate you need and click "order".

After clicking the button, we will automatically prepare everything you need to order.

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We do not charge additional commission for the sale of the content management system, all products are sold at the price of the official developer.

Our technical support staff will promptly help you with the purchase and registration of the license.

Go to CMS section

If you already have a license or plan to use the demo version for now, you can install it on the server by going to the external IP address you see in the panel.

You need to select the product you are interested in and click "download".

Then you need to go through all the steps from the installation wizard.

1C-Bitrix is ready to go!

Configuring BitrixVM

To configure BitrixVM you need to log in to the server.  

To do this, log into the server via SSH using the data that was sent to your email.

The first time you log in as root, you will need to change your password, and the login will appear automatically.

Next, you need to create a pool (1. Create Management pool of server) before you can get to work with CMS.

Next, you need to choose a name for the server.

BitrixVM virtual machine is ready to work. The pool creation wizard will open all the necessary ports for the correct operation of the services of 1C-Bitrix products.

Then you can manage your server from the interface.

To proceed to any action in the virtual machine menu, enter a number and press Enter. For example, to configure a local virtual server, type 2 at the line (Manage localhost) and press Enter.

To return from the command line (if you pressed 0. Exit or Ctrl+C) back to the BitrixEnv menu, type the command in the console:


After making all the settings, log out of your root account for data security reasons:

  • Exit the console by selecting 0. Exit (or press Ctrl+C).
  • Then run the exit command in the console.


How to migrate the site to BitrixVM?

We will do everything ourselves for free for you. You can request the migration through the section “Help and support” in the control panel.

How can I select the PHP version?

You can update the PHP version through the BitrixVM virtual machine menu. To do this, go to the menu by connecting to the server via SSH.

Select the following items:

1. Manage server in the pool  →  8. Update PHP and MySQL

Then enter the hostname of the server and select the desired version of PHP.

How can I use my SSL certificate?

Go to menu 8. Manage pool web servers > 3. Configure certificates:

Select menu item 1. Configure "Let's encrypt" certificate and enter:

site name – one name or several site names for which you want to issue Let's encrypt certificate(s) (in this example:

dns name(s) – all domains of the site for which you want to issue the certificate, including domains with and without www. Enter multiple domains separated by commas

email for notifications – the email address for Let's Encrypt notifications

Confirm entry:

The wizard will request and install a certificate in a few minutes. SSL certificate paths will be indicated in the same section.

You can easily check the issued certificate – go to your website via the HTTP protocol, and a valid certificate will have a lock.

The certificate validity period is 90 days. Certificate will be reissued automatically in 20 days before the expiration date.

BitrixVM 7.5.4

Free with every server:

Automatic backup
Round-the-clock monitoring
Postal system
DNS hosting
Private networks
Quick software install
The server will be created automatically immediately after registering an account
Operating systems
Websites and stores